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25. November 2020 No Comments

Why we need Corporate Digital Responsibility

Corporate Digital Responsibility was something I took always care about in my projects even before the term “Corporate Digital Responsibility” (short: CDR) was invented in the year 2015. I always tried to realize Digital Transformation projects in a sustainable, responsible, and same time in a successful way. Because you don´t have to choose between sustainability […]

20. November 2020 No Comments

Using Swarm Intelligence for Digital Transformation

In the year 2006 when I wrote my Bachelor Thesis about nature-inspired algorithms and how to use the concept of Swarm Intelligence of bees, ants, and birds for Computer Science, this seemed very weird to many people. Meanwhile by using social media for some years we all know about swarm intelligence and how powerful it […]

17. October 2020 No Comments

Our support for your successful Digital Transformation

We help organizations of all sizes to create all necessary knowledge for successful Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0. We transform rough ideas in successful strategies. We simplify Digital Transformation and make it easy to understand. ★LET US HELP YOU ON YOUR INDIVIDUAL DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY★ We provide the following services: ★ Transformation and optimization of […]