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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

What means Industry 4.0?



Industry 4.0 is a short-cut for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

It is a collective for the introduction of Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things into Production Processes. This will bring tremendous changes to all industries.

If you want to use future technologies effectively, you first need to prepare your business and your organization for innovation and to get into shape for future. I help companies and organizations to be well prepared for the changes caused by Industry 4.0 and support them to make progress and grow in an innovative environment.

But if there is a 4th Industrial Revolution should not be there also other Industrial Revolutions?

Yes, of course:

1st Industrial Revolution
from 1800
Invention: Introduction of Steam Power
Start of Railway and first Industrial Prodution

2nd Industrial Revolution
from 1900
Invention: Electricity
Start of using Electricity in Production and first Assembly Lines

3rd Industrial Revolution
from 1970
Invention: Computers
Even if computers had been already invented before, at the 1970s computers got mainstream. Since then more and more tasks had been automated by IT, Software and Computers.